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Brook Taube on How Music can help kids and adults achieve their goals.

The importance of music education to be successful in school and later in life can’t be overstated. For a lifetime music lover Brook B. Taube the success of the workplace and other ventures of personal interest is a direct result of the lessons that he learned from music.

How music can aid in the success of education

For young children, lessons in music are often a good step into the world of training. Making time for preparation and diligence earlier can help develop skills that will last for a lifetime. Children are better able to relate to the importance of studying as well as the smallest goals for academic success, and also more generalized learning.

For instance, Brook Taube has been playing the violin for more than 45 years, and is adept at playing the mandolin guitar and the viola. Learning one instrument gave him the foundations in music theories, but it was simpler to master new instruments as time went on.

In the same way, all students learn how to go from handful of chords, basic beats, to playing full, intricate tunes that range from pop music to classical pieces. Learning to focus and improve can open many possibilities ranging from unique travel opportunities with the orchestra, symphony or other musical groups, to grants and job opportunities.

As per Brook Taube, the benefits to society of training in music can be beneficial for children. They learn to express themselves and to express their feelings through playing. Additionally, it gives children the opportunity to interact with children of similar interests, and to connect across different cultures. In the end, music is a uniting force and fosters communities.

Brook Taube on music and her career

His love for music has resulted in his participation in his board of directors, the New York Philharmonic and the New Amsterdam Symphony board. He also played the violin with The New Amsterdam Symphony for many years.

The same abilities that helped his early years have also shaped his professional career. The ability to concentrate on specifics, be committed to long-term goals and take an incremental approach as necessary made Brook Taube thrive in business as the founder of several billion-dollar enterprises.