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How to optimize a website?


At this point the question arises spontaneously: how to optimize a website?

To improve the performance of a website it is necessary to resort to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization includes the set of activities aimed at optimizing the pages of a website with the aim of increasing positioning on search engines and increasing visibility .

This is a very complex subject, which requires specific skills and constant updating. Google and other search engines, in fact, define the positioning of websites through a series of algorithms that are updated periodically.  SEO SERVIES the parameters on which these algorithms operate – called ‘positioning factors’ or ‘ranking factors’ – are numerous and constantly evolving.

Website optimization and positioning: two closely linked concepts

The optimization and positioning of a website are two closely related concepts.

In fact, the site optimization activity has the aim of improving its position on search engines in an organic way , therefore without resorting to paid advertising systems.

In other words, the objective of a website optimization service is to ensure that the most relevant pages are among the first results provided by Google following a search based on specific keywords.

SEO optimization of websites: the three main phases

Optimizing your website can cover three broad areas:

Technical SEO

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO