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Daily Quordle game solutions The Quordle words for today that today (October 5)

If you’re having trouble determining the current Quordle answer, you don’t need to worry because we’ve got the clues you need to know the most popular words of the day for game #617, which will be played on October 5, 2023.

In contrast to Quordle, which is different from Wordle, Quordle asks you to think of four words instead of just one every day and is a more difficult version of the popular word puzzle game. It tests your vocabulary to the maximum.

While certain words might be simple to figure out, there are times that others might be slightly more difficult to determine. In these instances, extra assistance could go a long way in keeping you on your Quordle streak!

If you’re trying to understand today’s Quordle game, do not worry because we’ve compiled a list of suggestions and hints to help begin your journey on October 3, 2023.

For additional daily challenges, check our list of top games, such as Wordle, for more challenges.

Helpful clues and hints on this day’s Quordle solutions (October 5)

Quordle answers

If you’re having trouble figuring out today’s Quordle answers to game #617, keep reading for clues and hints to simplify your decisions.

First word

  • The word contains 2 vowels.
  • The word begins with the letter Q.
  • A sense of doubt.

Second word

  • The word consists of the vowels of two.
  • The word is derived from the letter C.
  • A waterproof sealant.

Third word

  • The word “spell” has 3 vowels.
  • The word begins with the letter V.
  • A smile that expresses satisfaction.

Fourth word

  • The word has the vowels of two.
  • The word begins with the letter G.
  • It refers to the departure of someone.

We hope this made it easier for you to figure out today’s Quordle! If you still struggle to solve it, check out the answer below.

What’s the current Quordle answer? (October 5)

Quordle answers

Quordle answers – 1

Sometimes, even nine attempts may not suffice to determine the correct Quordle answer.

In case you’re unable to make out the words, The solutions on the current Quordle are:

Qualm, Caulk, Voila, Going

Was it as simple as you could have imagined? Perhaps your streak in games eventually ends? Whatever the case, check with us tomorrow for additional Quordle clues and solutions.

Previous Quordle answers Word List of Answers.

Date Quordle solutions

Below is a listing of the previous Quordle answers, which can help you guess the word for today. If you’re having trouble figuring it out but aren’t sure if you should use the previous clues:

October 6Large, Stunk, Slant, Ninny

October 5Straw, Tilde, Miner, Carve

October 4 – Whiff, Creep, Blunt, Spell

October 3 – Qualm, Caulk, voila, going

October 2 Guava, Flora, Legal, Onion

October 1 Least, Array, Bowel, Matey

September 30 Melee, Check, Shone, Glide

September 29 Parer, Clasp, Shard, Jerky

September 28 Saucy, Peach, Surer, Strip

September 27 Noisy, Cleat, Eager, Carat

September 26 Sedan, Chard, Chasm, Gusto

September 25 Leash, Gazer, Guile, Kneed

September 24 Lucky, Angry, Quiet, Lucid

September 23 Heard, Loath, Guest, Sigma

September 22 Chili, Metro, Puree, Kiosk

September 21 Aware, Shone, Shade, Shelf

September 20 Tamer, Snout, Bland, Sleep

September 19 Wacky, Layer, Fruit, Miner

September 18 Swear, Lowly, Stand, Upset

September 17 Scrub, Dusty, Quoth, Uncle

September 16 Flail, Altar, Yacht, Haunt

September 15 Fishy, Drake, Torus, Smote

September 14 Chest, River, There, Emcee

September 13 Guess, Micro, Droop, Elate

September 12 Cynic, Gruel, Cacti, Tower

September 11 Recut, Greed, Cover, Meter

September 10 Train, Riper, Black, Scram

September 9 Marry, Infer, Stale, Suite

September 8 Sappy, Stall, Rayon, Civic

September 7 Joust, River, Penny, Chalk

September 6 Polka, Threw, Magic, Spurt

September 5 Dryly, Curvy, Mossy, Torus

September 4 Riper, Rower, Rumba, Fjord

September 3 Slump, Crook, Revue, Musky

September 2 Revue, Fight, Bingo, Serif

September 1 Block, Sulky, Vocal, Ideal

August 31 Final, Voice, Hatch, Twang

August 30 Mount, Sleep, Scamp, Savoy

August 29 Brass, Paste, Wider, Pixie

August 28 Paint, Alloy, Forty, Fiber

August 27 Vowel, Blunt, Stoke, Shady

August 26 Leash, Smear, Basal, Brief

August 25 Champ, Clack, Pivot, Booth

August 24 Tawny, Jetty, Pesto, Prune

August 23 Ditty, Barge, Canon, Golly

August 22 Coast, Awoke, Cloth, Annex

August 21 Filth, Trace, Stony, Folio

August 20 Wimpy, Plunk, Foray, Shake

August 19 Stiff, Quoth, Mucky, Wedge

August 18 Expel, Rogue, Patch, Minty

August 17 Olden, Hasty, Adult, Olive

August 16 Boost, Quark, Adult, Angst

August 15 Ionic, Daunt, Bribe, North

August 14 Cargo, Patty, Barge, Melon

August 13 Sauce, Deign, Hardy, Flung

August 12 Apron, Stale, Guilt, Party

August 11 Repel, Manor, Money, Zesty

August 10 Overt, Rally, Sense, Atoll

August 9 Feast, Aping, Limit, Girth

August 8 Crepe, Caddy, Drier, Tango

August 7 Smite, Grind, Crawl, Fibre

August 6 Quash, Moult, Stalk, Edict

August 5 Spasm, Trawl, Lever, Birth

August 4 Shaky, Owing, Homer, Picky

August 3 Bigot, Ample, Laugh, Easel

August 2 Slump, Flute, Rumba, Reach

August 1 Annoy, Taper, Trial, House

July 31 Squat, Chose, Snort, There

July 30 Shawl, Write, Along, Demon

July 29 Value, Along, Alive, Least

July 28 Totem, Basal, Pulse, Couch

July 27 Evade, Spice, Float, Align

July 26 Index, Taker, Curve, Peach

July 25 Hairy, Rowdy, Quark, Limit

July 24 Stuff, Hippo, Liver, Blink

July 23 Entry, Giddy, Stamp, Vomit

July 22 Befit, Jiffy, Arena, Touch

July 21 Round, Tepid, Liver, Irate

July 20 Enter, Truly, Usual, Civil

July 19 Worst, Kayak, Hence, Zebra

July 18 Debut, Hoard, Silly, Upper

July 17 Lupus, Alive, Sally, Abled

July 16 Steam, Salty, Sloop, Truss

July 15 Cycle, False, Frill, Heavy

July 14 Libel, Cable, Wreak, Scope

July 13 Baste, Query, Snail, Pearl

July 12 Voice, Manga, Froth, Bloat

July 11 Model, Aisle, Limbo, Tulle

July 10 Filet, Dully, Irate, Nosey

July 9 Axion, Offer, Dread, Sadly

July 8 Bagel, Spite, Maybe, Radio

July 7 Bagel, Spite, Maybe, Radio

July 6 Hunch, Lefty, Abbey, Recur

July 5 Hilly, Alert, Sheet, Vodka

July 4 Gummy, Squat, Sushi, Gaudy

July 3 Druid, Enact, Apart, Hefty

July 2 Amiss, Showy, Lurch, Saucy

July 1 Knead, Dally, Amaze, Ideal

June 30 Woman, Bagel, Super, Arise

June 29 Issue, Mount, Ovoid, Saner

June 28 Cedar, Rumba, Widow, Tithe

June 27 Straw, Apple, Magma, Clued

June 26 Scare, Right, Irate, Orbit

June 25 Gaunt, Slang, Rouse, Unite

June 24 Bilge, Leapt, Gloat, Pleat

June 23 Field, Brine, Begun, Pitch

June 22 Amaze, Bingo, Mummy, Weird

June 21 Bride, Tilde, Lower, Revel

June 20 Duvet, Blast, Filmy, Cease

June 19 Horde, Loser, Gusto, Prone

June 18 Shorn, Friar, Three, Untie

June 17 Juror, Bused, Sappy, Vying

June 16 Pasta, Rabid, Unfit, Curly

June 15 Cobra, Corny, Mince, Chili

June 14 Libel, Savvy, Vault, Troll

June 13 Lowly, Coral, Plank, Amiss

June 12 Stamp, Boney, Trace, Clove

June 11 Quack, Scalp, Drier, Folly

June 10 Wrung, Troll, Taker, Elate

June 9 Hazel, React, Spoke, Chart

June 8 Trawl, Crude, Brave, Furry

June 7 Quell, Guise, Undue, Paler

June 6 Brick, Tight, Showy, Ardor

June 5 Stung, Shape, Quail, Blurt

June 4 Guilt, Birth, Quoth, Evade

June 3 Booze, Askew, Reuse, Payee

June 2 Flyer, Chime, Valid, Lumen

June 1 Blast, Skull, Vaunt, Liege

Often asked Quordle questions.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle but is a little more intricate. You must guess four five-letter words instead of one, in total, nine rounds.

How do I play Quordle?

To play Quordle, take these easy steps to start the first time:

  • Visit this site to access the Quordle site for the official Quordle website.
  • You’ll automatically be taken directly to your Daily Challenge page.
  • That’s it! Your game will begin, and you can continue playing with the words from today’s Quordle.

Tips and tricks for playing Quordle

Playing with a near-perfect technique for Quordle will make a huge difference in sustaining your winning streak. Here are a few basic guidelines to aid you in your daily life

  • Choose words with many vowels. This will establish your flow for the remaining possibilities, making it slightly simpler.
  • Select words with common letters.
  • Maintain in mind to check on the color-grading suggestions for the words you’re using and the amount of time you’ve had to make.