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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Study In UK

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Study In UK

The UK has always been a huge study-abroad destination for international students. UK is the priority of students to get a degree in medicine, business and finance, Law and engineering. It has an excellent education system, amazing metropolitan and unlimited growth opportunities. That is why more than 500,000 students came here last year. In the coming years, this number is expected to cross one million. This craze for getting an education in the UK is unreal. There are several reasons why every student wants to get admission to UK institutes.

To help students, we have listed some of the major reasons why there is so much craze for UK universities among students. And why you should opt to study in UK.

Top Universities

Every student wants to get an education from top-class institutions. When it comes to universities, the UK has the largest pool of quality institutions. It is home to the oldest and most prestigious universities in the whole world. The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are famous all over the world for their amazing education standards. They have the legacy of producing the most talented and educated professionals over the last couple of decades. This is why getting a UK student Visa is a dream for every international student. These universities offer a challenging environment to the students, which develops creative and cognitive abilities in students. To ensure high-quality education, QAA (the quality assurance agency) regularly inspects these universities.

A Vibrant And Diverse Society

The UK is a culturally rich country as it has a history of giving education opportunities to students around the globe. Each of the four UK countries has its own culture and traditions. The UK has huge cultural diversity, which does not make you homesick. You will get to know fellow international students and appreciate multiple cultures from all over the world. This is the reason; that hundreds of students got their UK study visa from Pakistan to pursue their education in the UK.

High Visa Success Ratio

For international students, getting a visa is the real problem while applying for education in the USA, Australia, or any other country. However, The UK doesn’t have such restrictions. Applying for and getting a UK student visa from Pakistan is simple. It has the highest success ratio among all other countries. Rarely, a visa is rejected. The government of the UK has simplified the conditions for student visas and allowed students to work part-time while pursuing their studies in the UK.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

The “new graduate route” allows international students to stay in the UK to find jobs. This job seeker visa enables graduates to work and live in the UK after graduating from their courses. There are no restrictions on the minimum salary cap. Therefore, students can convert their visas to keep working in the UK after getting a permanent job. Therefore, Study in UK not only gives you a top-quality education but also offers opportunities to work and make your future.

Short Duration Of Degrees

This is one of the key benefits of studying in the UK. Courses in the UK are shorter in duration as compared to Australia. You can either choose to study a regular undergraduate course for three years or short courses, which are equivalent to an undergraduate degree. And for graduation, students can opt for one-year courses. These courses include a foundation degree, higher education diploma etc. Doing these short courses mean you will have to pay less tuition fee and living expenses while getting an internationally recognized degree.

Scholarships And Funding

Education is not cheap in the UK but it is much more affordable than some other countries like Australia and the US. Because students have access to several university scholarships and grants. A couple of renowned scholarships are:

  • The Gates Cambridge scholarship
  • Rhodes scholarship
  • Chevening scholarship for masters
  • Commonwealth Master’s scholarship

Work Opportunities While Studying

For Pakistani students, it is tough to bear high living expenses in the UK considering the inflation rate. To cover that, students work part-time in jobs like food delivery, restaurants, uber, stores, security etc to afford their fees and living expenses. To help students, the UK has allowed students to work up to 20 hours per week during term and 40 hours per week during the term break. Therefore, after getting a UK student visa, you will be able to earn on your own.

Gateway To Europe

Pursuing your education in the UK allows you to explore Europe. You can travel, capture moments, explore different cultures and traditions, meet new people, and appreciate the beauty of Europe during your semester breaks. There are hundreds of new opportunities to work, explore, and visit. This is your turn to fulfil your dream of exploring Europe, consult a professional UK consultant in Lahore right away.

Develop English Communication Skills

Globalization has increased the chances of growth for an individual. Now you have the opportunity to apply for and get a job anywhere across the world. Some companies and recruiters prefer to hire graduates from the UK universities. To communicate with them, having excellent English is essential. Well-spoken English not only increases your chances of getting a job but also fast paces your growth. Your networking abilities increase as well when you work on improving your English.

Free Health Care Services

Another aspect of study in the UK is that international students can benefit from excellent healthcare and insurance offered under NHS (National Health Services). Foreign students can get free medical services under immigration health services (IHS). For eligibility, you have to pay a little extra amount with your visa fee as an immigration surcharge.


In short, the UK is the leading education center in the world. It has more than 130 universities, which offer a wide range of courses to international students who want to study in UK. Short courses, availability of scholarships, and prospects make the UK the ideal country to pursue education. To help Pakistani students secure admission to top universities in the UK, 7 Sky Consultancy is one of the top study visa consultants in Lahore to offer its remarkable services.