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Top Reasons To Buy a Wooden House for Yourself and Family

Wooden House

The wooden houses offer a way to build a dream home more sustainably, more environmentally friendly, and at a lower price. The new trend in building homes for permanent housing is to build wooden houses.

They are not only environmentally friendly and budget-friendly but they are also the most sustainable. Contrary to popular belief, wooden housing dates back as far as the Neolithic period.

The design, construction, and types of wood used to build wooden houses have changed, making them as perfect for living as any other type of house.


Construction Team

According to the experts of Georgia prefab homes, the average time for a customer to receive their key is four months. It is necessary to collect all the wood and components needed to build the house in the first two months.

The remaining time is then used to lay the foundation, prepare the land, build the house, select the roof, and install the windows, doors, etc. The entire electrical, plumbing, and sanitation systems are also assembled during these months.


Prices of wooden houses are lower

The decision to buy a home is one that every person has to make. It is usually a major financial burden that we have to bear for many years.

It is important to consider this and find more affordable alternatives. Wooden houses are therefore the most cost-effective option, as the price per square meter is generally lower than that of other materials.

It is also low-cost to maintain since it only requires staining the walls every two years.



The more durable a house is, the better the quality of wood and the care taken to maintain it.

It can last for half a century.
Do you not believe it? Find out the oldest wooden house on the planet.


Greener Homes

The most eco-friendly houses available are wooden houses. A study confirmed this by comparing the carbon footprint of three different types of buildings.

A study also, found that the use of wood in construction can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 percent compared with other common materials.

Wood is an environmentally friendly option as it is made from a natural product with controlled production and growth periods that maintain the ecosystem’s balance.


Good Fire Resistance

When someone is considering buying a wooden house, one of the first questions they ask themselves is whether or not it will be fire resistant. This is mainly because of the lack of knowledge on how prefabricated houses are built.

Studies have been done to show that wood has a different reaction to fire than other materials. For example, uses Nordic pine which, when exposed to heat, forms a layer on its surface of charcoal.

This acts as a thermo-insulator. It prevents the escape and spread of flames and heat in other rooms. The material will heat up and slowly deteriorate, preserving the house’s structural integrity.


Environment friendly

The integration of wooden houses in landscapes and places is a natural and beautiful process. Wood can blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Wood is a natural material that respects landscapes and places, and integrates harmoniously with them.


Housing Credit and Insurance

Another advantage of buying a wooden home is that you can use it as a rental property. Banking entities are now accepting housing loans through financial companies due to the rise in wooden housing construction companies.



Prefabricated Wooden Houses are high-quality because they have undergone several tests such as material testing, industrial certifications, and energy certifications. This makes wood houses strong and of a unique quality.

In conclusion, when wood houses have been built with high-quality materials, the result is a home of exceptional quality and safety.

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