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How To Increase The Performance Of Tower Cranes?

Tower cranes are essential when you perform large-scale developments like high-rise buildings. These cranes are effective in design so that workers can get the most out of them. Nowadays, the pedals and levers of tower cranes are under development to achieve durable construction output. 

Tower cranes are flexible especially when it comes to attaching to gigantic machines. These cranes can adapt as per the construction needs to increase the overall project’s efficiency. Tower cranes come under the list of formidable heavy construction equipment due to the electrical and structural efficiency it possesses. With such diversity, tower cranes for sale do come at an expensive rate. 

Having said that, quality tower cranes may cost you around 60,000 USD or even more if you are going for a used one. Contrary, a brand-new model can cost you a lifetime. Since it is an expensive piece of equipment, all the experienced companies want to hire skilled operators who can strictly adhere to safety compliance. 

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the importance of maintenance requirements and procedures that keep a tower crane in top condition. A tower crane must receive particular attention and maintenance to preserve its structural integrity and prevent any physical damage to nearby objects. Keep reading to learn about the key components of a tower crane, and how to identify visual signs of equipment damage

To make sure you are aware of all the do’s and don’ts of a tower crane we have compiled several tips. Continue reading as we discuss the safety standards required by HSE to maintain a crane and how to increase crane performance.

Maintaining Tower Cranes: 5 Consideration Areas 

The maintenance strategy for tower cranes for sale can vary from one machine model to another model. Paralley, it also depends on the nature of the work that the machine has to go through regularly. Mentioned below are the main work areas that you should focus on to increase any crane’s functionality. 

Deep Cleaning 

When it comes to giant construction equipment like tower cranes the process of deep cleaning may appear overwhelming. Leaving an untidy fit for more than a week is too sensitive for crane parts, including the block and hook. 

Therefore, you should perform a deep cleaning every week to save yourself from future financial losses that may appear due to contaminated crane parts. 

Surface Assessments 

The quickest way of identifying any damage is through surface assessment. You should advise respective operators to conduct visual inspections regularly before starting the tower crane. In case any big crack goes unnoticed, the construction operation may face unpredictable downtime. Make sure they prepare and keep records of inspections daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Friction Reduction Process 

The complex big construction equipment is more sensitive to friction or external tension. It may cause excessive wear and tear or abruptly interrupt the equipment’s actions. All thanks to the latest lubricants and greasing fluids to overcome such friction-relevant equipment obstacles. You can apply grease or other lubricants to the tower crane’s trolley system, jib, mast, and other interlinked parts. 

Proper Care Routine 

There should be a repair regime every week. An expert will inform you regarding the parts that may need replacement or maintenance upgrade. Since tower cranes for sale are equipped with gigantic parts, the care routine can cost you some bucks and operational hours. Nonetheless, in the end, a proper maintenance regime can prevent your construction operation with other uncertain issues. Additionally, advanced tower cranes come with high-tech sensors and control panels so they require less time for maintenance. However, workers must adhere to all the safety compliances to prevent any unpredictable hazards. 

Inspections According To the Health And Safety Executive

HSE officials prescribe a daily, weekly, and monthly inspection regime to identify and rectify small to big crane issues when operating heavy construction equipment.

However, regular inspections can commence through in-house operators but some equipment care inspections require special certifications.HSE or other heavy construction equipment compliance management systems issue these certificates.

All compliance systems recommend that operators strictly adhere to the guidelines. This entails installing, operating, and maintaining all tower cranes according to the manufacturer’s manual.

Especially, operators must not exceed the load capacity of the tower crane. It may appear efficient in the beginning but it can affect the performance of the crane in the long run. 

The Bottom Line 

Among some of the most used construction equipment, tower cranes for sale do hold significance in construction fleets. However, as an owner of a crane, you must take care of the equipment to increase its life and operations. From regular cleaning to inspection to care routine, there are several compliances that you must obey to increase the productivity rate if a tower crane.